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We call the Crazy ones, the Rebels, the Misfits, round pegs in square holes!! To join the Party @ E-Fest'17 AP and celebrate being an ENGINEER!!

E-Fest Competitions

HPVC – Human Powered Vehicle Challenge

Human-powered transport is often the only type available in underdeveloped or inaccessible parts of the world, and if well designed, can be an increasingly viable form of sustainable transportation.

ASME's international Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate the application of sound engineering design principles in the development of sustainable and practical transportation alternatives.In the HPVC, students work in teams to design and build efficient, highly engineered vehicles for everyday use—from commuting to work, to carrying goods to market.


Nirav Savaliya Bhagvanjibhai: +91-7222847422

SDC – Student Design Competition

The ASME Student Design Competition provides a platform for ASME Student Members to present their solutions to a range of design problems - from everyday household tasks to groundbreaking space exploration. Each team is required to design, construct and operate a prototype meeting the requirements of an annually determined problem statement.

The Student Design Competition take place at ASME E-Fests and showcases the extraordinary talents of mechanical engineering students while encouraging them to develop innovative ideas towards an improved quality of life for all. Each year, several teams of up to four students compete at the regional Student Professional Development Conferences in select locations worldwide. Winners then proceed to finals at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE). Cash prizes and awards are presented to winners at both regional competitions and the finals.


Kaushal Khetan: +91-9414035503

IAM3D – Innovative Additive Manufacturing Challenge

The ASME Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D (IAM3D) Challenge is designed to give mechanical and multi-disciplinary undergraduate students around the world an opportunity to re-engineer existing products or create new designs that minimize energy consumption and/or improve energy efficiency. Students will showcase their creativity by demonstrating the value added through their ingenuity, application of sound engineering design principles, and leveraging.

Additive Manufacturing technology to address a broad spectrum of industrial, manufacturing, and humanitarian challenges.


Praroop Jain:+91-7597023566

Old Guard Competitions

Through annual financial contributions and volunteer time and efforts, the Old Guard conducts the oral presentation competition, Video presentation competition, Technical web page competition and Technical poster competition for the benefit of engineering students and early career engineers, and ultimately for the good of the engineering profession.


Vansh Menghani: +91-9784690456


This phase of event would specifically emphasize on encouraging critical thinking amongst participants. A problem statement or multiple set of problems (related to automation theme and event) would be exhibited and a time of 1 hour would be given to discuss the solution amongst their team internally. The team representative then has to present the solution in front of judging panel and all other teams.


Yashasvi Jain: +91-8290391135
Nisargg Bhatt: +91-9998960299

IDC - Impromptu Design Challenge

The IDC is a creative exercise intended to engage students to allow them to unleash their creativity. The IDC is a simple and fun activity that is easy to plan or impromptu on-the-spot designed contest. One such example: students are provided ordinary everyday items (notebooks, tape, scissors, pencils, a cardboard box) and form teams of 4. The team is asked to devise a model airplane that can travel the furthest distance. There are several variations, e.g. mousetrap car race; egg drop contest; etc.. In essence, the IDC provide the opportunity for those who aren’t participating in any of the competitions to actually get hands-on and build something. Furthermore, the IDC helps develop problem solving skills in engineering students and early career engineers as they learn how leverage available tools and resources, personal experience, and ultimately develop the confidence needed to solve the complex challenges facing their local and the global community.


Himanshu Varshney: +91-7073173991

A Music

What's New


Imagine if you combined music and entertainment, yummy food and social activities with robotics, advanced manufacturing and design. Well…we’ve actually done that and created a series of global events where you can literally PARTY LIKE AN ENGINEER. E-Fests (Engineering Festivals) are three-day, two-night events that enable engineering students to expand their knowledge, test and showcase new skills and inspire innovation.


Keynote Speakers:


Indian Nuclear Scientist and Chairman, Research Advisory Council, JNNSM

  • He was the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India and the Secretary to the Government of India, he was the Director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay from 1996–2000. He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan on 26 January 2009.

Technology & Innovation Lightning Talks:
These short, but powerful talks on the latest technologies and innovation are sure to grab your attention and even expose you to ideas or inventions that are new, surprising and even disruptive.


Participate in ASME’s exciting student competitions where creativity and innovation will be tested, ideas will come to life, new skills will be developed, relationships with teammates will be strengthened and accomplishments will be celebrated!


Opportunities don’t end when E-Fest is over! Dialogue with ASME all-stars about ways to get involved with innovative student programs and hear about membership opportunities that will open doors to engineering your future career.


Let’s face it: The keys to creating the most incredible resume, winning at an interview, or succeeding at your first job are often hard to nail down. You’re in luck! We have workshops and one-on-one’s with practicing engineers that will give you tips, advice and skills on how to break into the industry and accelerate your career.


Our 100-acre campus does not disappoint! Tour our state of the art labs and admire the lush landscaping and exotic gardens, while finding out more about the people and landmarks that make our campus unique.

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What People Say

Global Engineering Festival is a wonderful initiative by ASME and I strongly believe that this event will greatly help in exciting our present generation of students about engineering, design and innovation and prepare them for future engineering challenges
Dr. P.V.M. Rao Professor and Coordinator, Innovation Center
IIT Delhi
ASME events provide an appropriate platform for the student community to identify and analyse the real world industrial / community problems, motivate them to define a solution through competition and thereby mould the students into a unique personality.
M. Anthony Xavior Professor
VIT University, Vellore
E-Fest is an unparalleled opportunity to meet industry colossus, a very well planned and organised event, having great networking and knowledge sharing opportunities and great support from the ASME staff team, A real feeling of “ As Me “ with ASME.
Dr. Siddharthsinh Jadeja Executive Director
BH Gardi College of Engineering & Technology, Rajkot, Gujarat
Professors give you academics, Libraries give you information, “ASME will provide you a Global platform to benchmark your engineering talent and also enable you to discover the evolving facets of engineering that are emerging across the world.
N. Bosebabu Executive Director , Technical Services
Gujarat State Petronet Limited
& CEO- Gujarat Infra Transco Limited,
Gandhinagar , Gujarat &

ASME is a perfect collaborative platform to connect & know of the future technological trends in the industry thus enabling students to sharpen their career orientation and focus.
Mr. Joseph Machnaim Chair – ASME Gas Turbine India Group
Manager- Turbomachinery Aerodynamics Lab
Aero Thermal and Mechanical Systems
GE Global Research , Bangalore

About Jaipur

Jaipur is a major tourist destination in India forming a part of the Golden Triangle.
Known as pink city of India and the capital of Rajasthan is famous for palaces and temples.

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